For this Spring Sum­mer 2017, the hair reaches the shoul­ders. The hair­cut is light­ly laye­red around the face. This struc­tu­re enab­les to obtain a very natu­ral result with French ele­gan­ce.  The color of the sea­son is a Nude Beige high­ligh­ted by a Foilyage.

Regar­ding the hairstyle, we play with Slick & Wet lengths, a revi­si­ted  brai­ded bun, cra­zy curls of the eigh­ties. Focus on the style effects crea­ted by Chris­ti­ne Mar­gos­si­an, hair­dresser ambassa­dor l’Oréal Pro­fes­si­onnel and Mei­lleur Ouvri­er de France.

Strai­ght and flat­te­ned on the front, brai­ded on the back, this bun sur­pri­ses us with the con­trast of the mate­ri­als. It enab­les to reinvent an unavo­ida­ble tie of the Red Carpet.

This bal­let bun starts with a pony­tail fixed at the bot­tom of the neck. The free strand is twis­ted and then rol­led around the tie point. To make it, use the Extre­me Splash l’Oréal Professionnel.

This brai­ded bun will be the ele­gant acces­so­ry of your  sum­mer nights, It  is made with two night braids fixed on the top of each other repro­du­cing this way the infi­ni­ty sym­bol vertically.

What would be a baby doll without curls?
This is the desi­red effect of this eigh­ties hairstyle. To make it, it is recom­men­ded to use an iron with a small dia­me­ter and to pre­pa­re the hair with the foam Spi­ral Queen.

Natu­ral and wild, this tex­tu­re is obtai­ned by making dre­ad­locks. Each twis­ted strand is hea­ted by the iron. You just need to run your fin­gers through the hair to obtain this surf girl aspect!

It is pos­si­ble to use this pre­pa­ra­ti­on to crea­te a bun of Dre­ad­locks. You can wear a long dress with a hood as an acces­so­ry. Ele­gant, fashion­ab­le and eccentric.

Hau­te Cou­ture spi­rit for this bun with twir­ling and XXL curls. It is important to loca­te the volu­me at the forehead.

slick hair
The hair is very strai­ght for a refi­ned and impec­ca­ble effect. First you have a blow dry and then the lengths are disci­pli­ned around a side par­ting with a hair strai­gh­te­ner. For the bril­li­an­ce, spray with the Sho­wer Shi­ne Tecni.ART l’Oréal Professionnel.


Crea­ti­ons: Chris­ti­ne Mar­gos­si­an, Le Salon MC Genève
Sty­ling: Bru­no Guiot
Pho­to­gra­pher (It Look): Bru­no Estatoff
Make up (et pho­tos back­stage): Valé­rie Dumond


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